The most important thing is not

 to win but to take part!

A Day of Drinking




A Special Message from the BOC


Hello ~


Because you exhibit a true love for beer and great camaraderie, you are enthusiastically invited to the third annual Beer Olympics. It’s a day of drinking and sportsmanship…where every man and woman can be a hero.


Can you walk a straight line?... While balancing a beer on your head?  Have you mastered the art of flip cup? Can you chug a pitcher of beer through a straw? If this sounds like the kind of competition for you, then we will see you on Saturday, May 23rd at 2pm.


Beer Olympics consists of 6 events designed to test your physical strength, agility and mental acuity. And, of course your drinking ability while doing all of those! More importantly, it is a day of fun, drinking, and engagement with your friends that will go down in history. (With a chance to win a trophy and medals to say the least!)


For your enjoyment, and everyone’s amusement, each event is considered "beer in hand".


Whether competing as an individual or a team, or merely coming to observe, the Olympics is nothing to sneeze at. No matter what your skill level, there is an event you will excel in.


Let the games begin!


We look forward to seeing you there in the thrill of victory and the agony of defeat!


Are you ready to Bring it?


Amy & Doug Dury



A wise man once said you are only as strong as your weakest player. Choose your teams wisely. And remember, you will be drinking and competing with the same team all day. So be sure to drink with the ones you love!


Teams must consist of 5 players.


Coed teams are encouraged but not required.


You are highly encouraged to name your team (or we will name you ourselves) and to arrive in uniform. You may name your team whatever you like. May we suggest something catchy that is easy to chant in the event of victory?


As for you uniforms…we would suggest aligning with you team name or choosing a theme (pirates, doctors, white trash, etc). It is also important to wear something comfortable as you will be drinking in this uniform all day.


NOTE: It is also important to look good in your team photo!




Points will be awarded on the following scale:




Why would we compete if there were no Shiny prizes at the end? At the Beer Olympics the awards are nothing short of glorious!!!


BEER CUP – The coveted BEER CUP TROPHY will be given to the first place team overall. This honor comes with extreme bragging rights.  The winner of the cup and be allowed to hoist it high for all to see, have their picture taken with it throughout the rest of the night, drink a championship celebration beer from it and otherwise do as they wish; provided the cup doesn’t leave the premises and they do not break, ruin or soil the cup. The winning teams name will be engraved on the cup, for all future winners to see the champions that came before them. 


MEDALS: will be given out to 1st, 2nd and 3rd place. Each member of the team will receive a medal for team events. Medals can be worn during the games or hung-up in one’s workspace for adoration after.



given out at the end of the Games by

your hosts. Again, commemorative








Text Box: BEER OLYMPICS RULES   1. Do unto others as you would have others do unto you 2. Go Big or Go Home Baby – are you ready to Bring it? 3. Operation of a motor vehicle after competing in any event – is extremely prohibited 4. Exhibit respect/safety for the officials (one is VERY pregnant) – as they are probably less drunk than you. And if you are mean to them we will send you home. 5. The rules for each event will be clearly outlined before each event. No arguing, no complaining! 6. If someone falls down, it is ok to laugh – just help them up after 7. No peeing in the pond 8. Enjoy yourself and encourage enjoyment of others – the beer Olympics are intended for fun 9. Remember at the Beer Olympics its and eye for an eye and beer for a beer 10. There’s no crying in Beer Olympics  11. In the event of a tie please see rule No 5.  12. Win with class. Lose with dignity.




2:00 – 2:30 pm:      Arrival and Sign-in

Warm-up/Team Photos

Referee Training

2:30 – 2:45 pm:      Opening Remarks

                            Running of Torch/Torch Lighting

2:45 – 3:00 pm:       Pitcher Suck!

3:00 – 4:00 pm:       Flip Cup

4:00 – 5:30 pm:       Beer Pong

5:30 – 6:30 pm:       Quarters

6:30 – 8:00 pm:       Beer Bullseye

8:00 – 9:30 pm:       FINAL EVENT – Obstacle Course

                                                                9:30 – 10:00pm:      Over all medal count winner trophy presentation



BONUS: Teams that arrive in uniform will receive a bonus of 10 points to start with.



Training Tips

You may not have ever competed in the Beer Olympics before, but it may surprise you to know that if you prepare properly, you could be among one of the top athletes (err drinkers) competing in the quest for the cup.


Don’t assume you’re too old or too much of a light-weight to make your dream come true. Here are 5 steps you can take towards living your dream of becoming a Beer Olympic Champion.


1. Assess your physical condition

The first step is to determine what shape you are currently in. This will help you to select the best event for you. You can get an assessment of your current level of fitness by visiting a local bar and consulting with one of the regulars. Or ask the most serious drinker you know, or favorite bar friend to give you an opinion.


2. Form your team

Think about your friends and their drinking abilities.

Who is talented and who is just plain fun to have around?


3. Strategize

Asses each of your teammates skills, weaknesses, drinking ability and form a plan. Who can drink for the longest? Who can drink the fastest? Who has the best balance, vision and aim? Get together with your team and decide who will be participating in each event.


4. Find a place to train

You need to start developing your skills. Find a place to drink! Good places to train are your favorite OSU athletic events, Happy Hour, vacation or a straining family function. It is not recommended to train at work, school or church.


5. Practice Practice Practice

If you haven’t already started drinking beer now is the time to do it. Get together with your team. Practice basic hand-eye coordination drills, shooting, spinning, standing up and even falling down. It will only help you in the long run. It is also a great way to asses each team members strengths and weaknesses. Don’t forget to name your team and also decide on a uniform.








All Team Members will participate in this relay. Fastest time wins event.


Teams will be given a full pitcher of beer and 5 straws. First team to empty pitcher by drinking all of the beer THROUGH the straws wins.



All Team Members will participate in this event. Bracket elimination play.


Each member fills a cup about 1/4 full and sets it on the table it in front of them.


The first two competitors begin to chug the beer in their glass and then they sit it right side up on the edge of the table with a portion of the cup hanging off the table and hit it upwards to try to make the cup sit up side down. The other team members can't go on until the first person’s cup has been flipped up side down. The first team to get all of their cups up side down wins. 3 victories wins match and team advances to next round.



All team members will participate in this relay. Bracket Elimination play.


Team members will pair up against an opposing team member. Team members will each take their turn lobbing a ping pong ball into one of 6 beer cups at the opposite side of the table. If the ping pong ball lands in the cup the opponent must drink the beer and remove the cup from the table. To win a team must eliminate all of the opposing teams beers.



All Team Members will participate in this event. Bracket elimination play.


Each member will receive a cup and a quarter to set on the table in front of them.


The first two competitors will attempt to bounce a quarter into their glass. The first to win will eliminated their opponent and their opponent must drink their beer. The game continues until one team has eliminated all of their opponents and the team advances to next round.





All Team Members will participate in this relay. The team will complete each event in the course before moving on to the next step. Fastest time through the entire course will win the event.


The Beer Obstacle course will consist of some combination of the following events. These may change and we are open to suggestions.

·         Beer Hurdles

·         All team members will participate


An ice cube tray is filled with beer and you must suck the beer out of each cube spot one at a time. The next team member may start when the previous person has finished.


·         Beer Balance Beam

·          All Team members will participate


The beam shall consist of a board placed on the ground which will be at least 5 inch wide.  Participants will have to “walk the plank” while balancing a beer on their head.  If the person on the beam drops their beer they must return to the beginning and refill before starting again. You may briefly touch your beer but you must be standing still and remove your hand from the cup before taking another step.  If you step off the beam you must start over.  Time will continue to accrue even if the participant is restarting due to an infraction. 


·         Longest Yard

·          All Team Members will participate in this relay. Fastest fill and chug wins.


This is a classic wheelbarrow race with a beer Olympics twist. All teams start from the same end of the yard long course.   One team member fills their cup and clenches it in their teeth while another team member “wheelbarrows” them to the other end of the course (9 feet).  Once they reach the other end they dump the beer into a Yard o’ Beer glass.  Once the Yard o’ Beer is full it must be consumed. 


First team to fill their Yard o’ Beer and finish it will be declared the winner. 


*All beer in a team’s Yard o’ Beer must be consumed regardless of finishing status.  Wasting beer is considered a party foul and will result in point deductions.


·         Beer Match





Frequently Asked Questions


What’s the age to get in?

Attendees must be 21 or older to compete and have a valid picture ID.


What if it rains?

The events take place rain or shine. The only cancellation would be if a hurricane is imminent -- then there are no refunds.


What if I don’t have a team?

Come anyways. You can form a team when you arrive. Also, let us know and we will help to form teams ahead of time.


How will I get home?/Will a shuttle be available?

You will be required to have a designated driver, get picked up or take a taxi home. We will call taxis when the event is over or use our favorite non-drinkers. No one will be permitted to drive home after competing.


Will I have to pay for beer?

Technically, no.  However we are requesting a $50/team, $10/person entry fee, a percentage will be donated to charity.  In 2008, we donated $200 to the Leukemia Society.  This year we hope to do even more.  


What if I don’t like the beer that’s being served?

Sponsor a Keg, otherwise tough nuts. You obviously don’t get the point of the Beer Olympics. 


Will souvenirs be available?

Of course there will be souvenirs.


What if I want something to eat?

We will have hot dogs, chips and other various snacks.  It is strongly encouraged to bring some food to share with others as it will be a long day with plenty of drinking.  We are also accepting donations in the form of white castle party packs! Cheese balls, cookies, Hot dogs, chips, etc.


What if don’t drink beer?

Then don’t come. Just kidding! We want you there! There are plenty of opportunities for non drinkers. Now accepting applications for referees, score keepers and videographers. And please sign up to be a designated driver!


How do I get to Amy & Doug’s?

The address is 1901 Ridgecliff Dr in Upper Arlington: Find Macy’s at 5 points and then you will see Ridgecliff across the street. Turn onto Ridgecliff and Amy & Doug’s house is the first on the left after the stop sign. Or use google maps silly


What about overnight accommodations?

Yes, you can spend the night.