A very big thank you to current and past Sponsors !!!
  • Baby's First Birthday and Bright Light Lushes - 2015
  • Big Bang Theory - 2014
  • Ladybugs - 2013
  • Kevin Beery of Team Hickory Huskers - 2011
  • Team Running Bucks - 2009
  • Team Uni-Tards captain Jeff McCool - 2008 and 2009
Thank you All for the more than generous Donations

So here are the participation criteria and benefits to Beer Sponsorship.

Here's what you get....
  • An inner sense of satisfaction that you're a critical cog in what will promise to be a legendary party.  :)  OK, seriously here is what you get. 
  • The first and most enticing reason to be a Beer Sponsor is choice.  You and your team will have the opportunity to drink "your" beer before anyone else!  What we mean is the kegs will be served to the Beer Olympics general population according the the following schedule. 
    1. Beer purchased by the BOC 
    2. Beer quality as determined by price or BOC decision of equal value. Better kegs will be served later in the day. 
    3. Sponsored kegs in order of time of sponsor registration form submission.  i.e.  The sooner you submit your sponsorship form the longer your keg stays in the cooler. 
    • Now you might say that doesn't sound right because you normally serve the "good wine" first.  However this system has been designed to provide the greatest value to our sponsors. You see, a sponsor and his/her team will have access to "their" beer from the start regardless of what is being served at the time. Basically we (the BOC) will be purchasing the cheapest beer we can.  We will start by serving said cheapest beer, most likely Milwaukee's Best.  However we will provide you with instructions on where to get "your", thus you will have the choice to drink better beer if you purchase better beer. Once the "Beast" is gone we move to serving sponsored kegs in the order previously mentioned. 
  • The second benefit is when (if) "your" keg is served at the Beer Olympics we will make sure a sign is placed by the cooler informing all of you generous gift and that the party continues because of you.
Here's what you do....
  • Notify us of your desire to be a Beer Sponsor by using the Sponsor Registration Form
    • After we have received your registration we will contact you to talk about the details. 
  • Determine what type of beer you'd like to select for your keg.  Sponsorship cost will be determined purely based on the cost of the beer selected. 
  • That's it!  We will pick up the beer and ice and everything else.  You just arrange to get us the money before the event.