BOC Meets to plan 2010 event

posted Jun 1, 2010, 7:46 PM by Doug Dury
The BOC meet, with a reduced staff this year, to finally get preparation underway for the 2010 Beer Olympics.  With the event only 3 weeks away we figured it was time to do something.  There were no major changes this year so need for preparation has been light.
The beer has already been purchased through many of our very helpful friend and family so this year there will not be the need to purchase kegs the day of. As you can see in the website design our defacto "sponsor" is Old Milwaukee.  This is not because they gave us anything but, as a true sponsor would, but because all the beer served this year will be Old Milwaukee due to a sale price on their 12 packs and a mail in rebate.  This enabled us to purchase cans at a price cheaper than kegs, and we feel cans are much better for this event than kegs.                                                                                                               
Anyway the only thing the BOC really discussed was how to best utilize the donated "Drinko" board in this years games. No decision was officially made or documented.