BOC Meets to discuss 2014 Games

posted May 7, 2014, 1:52 PM by Doug Dury
The Beer Olympics Committee was summoned to gather to begin preparations for the 2014 Beer Olympics. 

There was an attempted coup d'etat of the committee chairmanship, the situation was resolved swiftly and with out incident. 

The committee then entered into a discussion of The Games events.  The only passed resolution was to return quarters to a shotgun start rather than a relay.  Other discussion may be had on events but it is likely the events will remain the same as last year.  As every other year the relay needs some tweaking, a special council has been formed and a study has been commissioned to determine exactly what changes are needed. The  council will review the findings and present them to the Committee for further determination.  

Lastly an in depth analysis of potential dates was undertaken.  The comittee reviewed most every weekend from Memorial Day to Labor day and only a couple were found feasible.  The early date (in late june)  has been decided upon, with the only major concern being time for the host nation to prepare given the hose nation has major commitments in the weeks previous to the Games.  Member Nations will provide aid to ensure the preparations can be completed.

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