The 8th Annual Beer Olympics 

Proceeds to benefit the Down Syndrome Association of Central Ohio

Saturday, August 1, 2020
 1:30 pm

  Registration for the 8th Annual Beer Olympics will run until July 6th or 12 teams register, so get your team in as soon as possible.

That's right baby, we're back!  Over the years we have received a lot of demand for this event, and we finally found a reason to justify all the work, fleecing you people out of your hard earned money and directing it to a good cause of our choosing! The Beer Olympics has now been reimagined as Columbus' best drunkest charity fundraiser.  All revenues will go directly to Katie Dury's Columbus Buddy Walk team, "She's a Katie!" If you aren't familiar with the Buddy Walk, use the links to the left to learn more, or even register to join us on Katie's team this year. The Buddy Walk is just as awesome as Beer Olympics, but less drunk more family friendly.  Everything you need to know is here, so quick, browse around and register!

COVID-19 Information - At this time Ohio has been reopened by the governor with guidelines.  Obviously this is a party and thus social distancing is difficult, so we ask everyone to make their own informed decision and take appropriate precautions.  If you are at risk or feeling sick in any way, please do not endanger your health or anyone else's by attending.  We will provide sanitizer (and beer in a pinch) and encourage all past participants to bring their official beer olympics cups.  We will have plenty of disposable cups and labeling materials available and send some guidelines closer to the event, but please be smart and exercise good judgement before, during and after the event.

After registering your team, please take some time to read through the event manual and familiarize yourself with the events. All rules are contained in this manual, and you will be expected to know them prior to the event.  If you have any questions, please let us know. If you have any challenges to the rules, please log them on the rule challenge page, and they will be addressed in the order received.

In addition, as in years past, we will be using Festify to crowdsource the playlist for Beer Olympics.  Head here and enter code 248217 to add songs prior to the event!